The Ferici is a recruitment company with decades of experience providing professional recruiting services to leading portfolio businesses seeking highly competent senior-level and managerial personnel. Since 1994, we have developed tactical partnerships with literally thousands of respected firms and recruiters, enabling us to place outstanding leaders with the ranks of some of the most highly regarded organizations in the world. Why choose us? Because our company’s tremendous resources and extensive industry experience and recruiting expertise allow us to consistently produce remarkable results for our clients. We have a passion for placing exceptional talent in high-compensation executive positions, and our consultants apply invaluable knowledge accrued over many years in the industry to create recruiting arrangements that deliver maximum satisfaction.

Professional Recruiting Solutions for Executives


The Ferici is dedicated to providing effective recruiting services that yield incredible results for our clients. Over the years, we have managed to accomplish an exemplary career placement achievement record and have attained an impressive track record of transitioning executives. Thanks to a massive network of businesses and recruiters, our company has a wide reach and can offer professionals placements that include: • CEO and MD positions with private equity and venture capital groups • Portfolio placements within PE/VC companies • Suitable MBO placements, depending on qualifications • Traditional placements of executives in W-2 posts We employ a candid and cost-effective recruiting approach that has earned us the trust and confidence of numerous firms operating in the private value sector spanning a range of industries, opening doors to sought-after opportunities within companies that would typically not show interest in our clients. Furthermore, our recruiters are capable of influencing such associations to match businesses in need of human capital, which bodes well for clients.


The Ferici has spent years collaborating with venture capital and private equity firms, as well as top recruiters, cementing valuable relationships along the way. As our professional network has grown, our company has augmented its operational capacity and improved its ability to scout for talent and suitably place executives. At present, our consultancy teams work in partnership with more than 500 power purchasers and private value groups, creating opportunities for senior administrators worldwide. With broad access to relevant assets, we are able to make offers to interest among high-revenue concerns and those looking to recapitalize later with lesser amounts.


Irrespective of which services are best suited to your circumstances and needs, The Ferici is able to provide professional service that is unrivaled in the industry. Our ability to provide unmatched executive recruiting services stems largely from the abundance of time and energy that we have invested over years of establishing associations with prominent companies and recruiters. Due to the development of such associations, hundreds of leading organizations now entrust to us their personnel sourcing needs. Since we are dependent on the satisfaction of our partners, a lot of effort goes into ensuring that every presentation genuinely offers value, benefiting all parties financially regardless of the objective. The Ferici looks forward to introducing you to our active working systems, and we are happy to demonstrate how we can provide worthy assistance. Over a period of almost three decades, our firm has worked on developing a model that accurately distinguishes openings and effectively directs administrators.


General patterns, needs, and requirements within portfolio company administration are constantly evolving. Clients in the private value segment appreciate our understanding thereof, and our arranging processes continue to balance as businesses hold out longer. We have continually equipped firms with highly driven and authoritative market competitors. What’s the driving element behind our success? Our prosperity can be attributed to a number of crucial factors, such as our continuous investment in streamlining our authority abilities systems, the vigorous research that goes into insightfully comprehending the needs of portfolio organizations, and a meticulous examination of administration group potential.


Our company believes in building lasting relationships that are positive, valuable, and mutually beneficial. With us, the work doesn’t end once the executive has been placed. The recruiting experts at The Ferici follow up consistently to ensure the satisfaction and success of the client. Expect service beyond recruitment when you deal with us.


The performance output of directors, executive teams, and business leaders is always a concern for companies acquiring talent, with key transformations visible within various industries over the last decade. As a recruiting firm that understands the value of effective executive assessment, we ensure relevancy by offering the best evaluation solutions. Assessing professional leadership qualities is the main objective when evaluating executives. Drawing from extensive experience and expertise, we identify both current and future leaders, employing proven techniques to recognize the most competent individuals. We take pride in having selected talent that has resulted in sustainable growth for many organizations.