Stephen Taylor

CEO & Co-Founder

Stephen Taylor is a recruiting specialist who has served as CEO of Ferici since 1996. One of the founding members of the firm, he has been instrumental in nurturing success within the organization from inception and has played a pivotal role in turning it into the industry-leading recruiting house that it is today. Ferici provides professional recruiting services and executive staffing solutions, catering to client companies that range from SMEs to large corporate concerns. The company is headed by a team of skilled veteran recruiters with confirmed career experience. Stephen Taylor has worked in the recruitment trade for over 25 years and specializes in placing C-Level executives.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

As the second Chief Executive Officer to serve Ferici, I am pleased to introduce you to our company and welcome you to learn more about us. We have been national and international leaders in executive search for over thirty years, and have built our success on our commitment to our clients. Their continued reliance on us is the greatest testimonial we could ask for, and is what drives us to excellence every day.

Ferici was created on one guiding principal: that in order for companies to achieve their mission, they need top level leadership that is perfectly suited to their vision. We are proud of the great talent we have identified and the successful partnerships we have generated, and we attribute our success to our own internal talent. We have assembled a team of specialists that are dedicated to attaining a robust and empathetic understanding of your needs and corporate culture and then identifying candidates that will complete the picture and carry you forward to your organization’s future. The keys to our success lie in careful listening, clear communication, extensive application of knowledge, and reliance on long-nurtured resources. This is a winning combination that has unfailingly served our clients, and which will provide your organization with the same level of satisfaction and success.
No matter what your industry or location, we provide you with unparalleled service, understanding and responsiveness. We invite you to make use of our unique and invaluable experience and capabilities, and look forward to serving your needs.